fitting and order process

Have a look at our custom fitting process for the best Spoke Suit.

Process 1: Choose The Right Fabric

The first step is to choose the right fabric for you. For this purpose, you’re advised to visit us on our physical location or have a look at our custom process cart to look at our style and fabric quality. The Fabric you chose depends on your Bespoke Suit cost. 

If you come to our store, our consultant will help you to find out the suit that fits your body and a custom option is also available.

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Process 2: Measurement

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After choosing fabric, depending on your availability we arrange an appointment for the fitting process. Typically, if you are looking for a custom fit we call you for your first fitting on the next day.

If the suit is ordered online then must contact Danny via whats app or messenger. He will ensure the fitting and size chart as you need and he will help you to choose the fabric you would love to wear on, customization you like, and all the extra add-ons that are essential for the suit e.g. Fancy Lining, unique monograms, contact buttonhole options, etc.

Process 3: Tailoring

After we cut your pattern according to your body fitting then we have a personal fitter who will show you to our private fitting (Trail Room) where you can try all the tailored bespoke stuff that you have purchased from us.

if the suit is ordered online, so when your suit arrives at your location please call directly Danny ( He is the custom owner and manager. He can manage all the options that you’re looking for. 

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Process 4: Your Opinion matters

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When you got a perfect bespoke suit from SuitFitter, you’re requested to refer Suitfitter to your friends and co-workers who are looking for real work with real Italy fabric so we can offer the best deal for your upcoming wedding groom suit, for work suit or dapper outfit for. 

So let the other people know how you are looking smart when you dress up SuitFitter bespoke suit from Phuket Thailand.

Have a look at our custom size chart